Guides to the Law
Privacy Law
Part 1: The Development of a Law and the Legal Theory
Part 2: Contempt of Court, Injunctions and Parliamentary Privilege
Part 3: Open Justice, Anonymised-, Super- and Hyper-Injunctions
Copyright Law
Fair Dealing
Artist’s Resale Right
Digital Economy Act
Part 1: Introduction, the Initial Obligations Code
Part 2: Technical Measures
Part 3: Subscriber Appeals
Part 4: Web-blocking
Part 5: Summary
Non-UK Laws
US: The Stop Online Piracy Act; Analysing the Law
Case Analysis
Digital Economy Act Judicial Review, [2011] EWHC 1021 (Admin)
Summary of Hearings
Summary of Judgment
DNA Retention and Databases, [2011] UKSC 21
Press Regulation Proposals
Untangling the Proposed Press Regulation Scheme
The Royal Charter
Exemplary and Aggravated Damages
Meh to AV
Legalising Format-shifting
Copyright Extension
Illegal Sites and Web-blocking
Measures to Tackle ‘Illegal Sites’
Opinion, etc.
A Bill of (removing) Rights – Why We Need the ECHR
Are You a Pirate? – The Vast Scope of Copyright
The Purpose of the Digital Economy Act
Data Analysis
The Terrible Plight of the Film Industry – Examining Trends in Revenue and Production
Hadopi: An Analysis of Claimed Relationships between iTunes Sales in France and Hadopi – Paper
The Effectiveness of Anti-Piracy Laws; Lessons to Learn from Hadopi
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